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Nov 30, 2006
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Hello everyone umm i guess I will tell my story in full though I doubt many will care. I spend so much time here lurking i figure why not. I am 18 years old 145 pounds and homeschooled. So yea I have been training martial arts for a while now. I first saw a pride dvd in 2005 which was when i got hooked on MMA. I lived in charleston SC at the time and didnt know of any place to train exept a martial arts school, that was ran out of a country club. All classes were free as long as you were a member which was only 50 a month. (no rich kid). So i started training Cung Nhu which is basically shotokan TMA karate along with training twice a week with a judo black belt to get a beginning on my wrestling and submission skills. Shortly after I heard of a Muay thai school that was opening and one of my friends was actually friends with the instructor so he gave me a little discount. I began training there for 3 months before my family moved to Colorado.

Once in Colorado, (montrose) I began looking for anywhere that i could train. I found the American grappling Academy, which was located out of A sambo practicioners second story Garage. Here several semi- pro fighters trained and it was the only place in town.The maian downside was the lack of high quality training partners, It the moment i dont have anyone high level to roll with on a normal basisi the main time i get to roll with other juijitsu guys is when i visit family in other towns and go to juijitsu schools there. Or at other tournaments. I taught myself the dynamics of the guard through reading juijtisu book. Literally spending thousands of hours reading about juijitsu and studying I have no life. Im not gunna try to lie and be like yea umm im like some stud who goes out and parties. These types of people dont make good fighers. you need a healthy lifestyle and ALOT of time on your hands to get good at something. I began training 4 days a week and did so for the next year and a half Basically thinking of nothing but MMA and submission grappling. I am going to be graduating soon and will have alot of freetime. I am strongly leaning towards moving to brazil to train Bjj. If not that then perhapes moving somewhere such at Vegas to train for MMA full time.

Basically I want to become a juijitsu hippy is there anyway i can Accomplish this?

"the green bastard from parts unknown"
You can do anything you set your mind to. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?

keep up the training.
Im not gunna try to lie and be like yea umm im like some stud who goes out and parties. These types of people dont make good fighers.

Tell that to the Mexican Drew Fickett, Because he seems unaware of this rule.

if u are able and have the means and desire as u have clearly demonstrated ... by ALL means continue... u will be a force warrior with your mentality and "nothing will stop me " attitude bro :)
Vegas not brazil. No visa to worry about and you can make good money working part time. Also quality training there for BJJ Along with MT and others. Good luck keep at it.
I would love to make a pilgrimmage to Florida to train with ATT and Marcelo. That might be a thought and plus...It's florida.
Good luck man, if you do decide to do it, 100 percent! You need full commitment. Too many guys delve in unsure, and they don't accomplish what they want. If you do anything in life, commit to it!