Now available in the USA: Playstation Now coming to the glorious master race.

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    Gave it a shot yesterday. Works pretty well in my experience, as long as your connection is strong. You get a 30 second warning if your connection is about to drop which is nice if you can hurry up and quicksave, but if not you're SOL. The games stream in a queue-type system, so if there are a shit ton of people playing a game (such as Uncharted), you won't be able to start playing til they stop.

    Good sized library, has all the Sony library. most of the 2K, THQ, Koei Tecmo, Capcom, Sega ones + some PSN games I wasn't expecting like Virtua Fighter 5:FS. As far as graphics and frame rate it's just the PS3 version of the game, no upscaling, 60 fps, anything like that.

    EDIT: also the Dualshock 4 works with it right out of the box. Just plug it in via USB and you're good. Haven't tried using it wirelessly with DS4Windows yet though.

    Just tried it with the Xbox One controller + wireless dongle and it works as well.
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