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Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by No Skill Gap, Feb 8, 2020.

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    Reyes beat Jones tonight. That was a 3-2. I say this as a Jon Jones fan.

    At best this was a draw, somehow, or a 3-2 for Jones barely in a split decision victory. But even then it would be a bit biased.

    Not sure how anyone thought Jones won round 2, maybe I have to go back and look...but I thought Reyes won 1-2-3. Clearly the first two rounds. If anything the 3rd round could go to Jones, it was close, but even then I thought Reyes won it.

    If there wasn't a dumb-fuck 10 point must, round by round system...sure I could see Jones winning a narrow decision. He won the last two rounds, he finished the fight "fresher" and stronger. If this was Pride rules, yeah Jones probably won or at worst it was a draw for him. But it isn't. Reyes won 3-2.

    I think Cruz and Rogan thought this as well, despite jerking off about Jones looking fresher while he infuriatingly didn't step on the gas pedal and go for a kill in rounds 3-5, specifically 4 and 5. His corner basically told him to get a finish as well in round 5.

    Oh well. I'm a Jones fan, but this is basically the Hendricks and Tibau (GSP and Khabib) fight for Jones. It's worse than Hendricks I think. Maybe I'll change my mind watching it back without commentary someday, but as for right now I won't be referring to Jones as "undefeated" anymore. The aseterisk has reversed from a fake loss to Hamill, into a fake win against Reyes.
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    Feb 23, 2016
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    Turning off commentary won't do anything, ffs, Joe and Cruz made blocked high kicks from Jon seem like landed kicks. Fuck the UFC and the it's shill robots Joe and Dom.

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