Noob questions about Heavy bag routine


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Nov 23, 2005
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First off I want to thank King Kabuki for posting that heavy bag workout it looks really good and soon will try it.

First off I am a total beginer to conditioning like this so would like to know, should I just do as many rounds as I can to start off and keep progressing from there?

Also what kind of timer is best used for this?

Please also help me with these terms, we don't call it these names at my gym:

Lead cross? (im righty) so I would assume that is just my right hand?
Lead hook?
rear hook?

Thank you I know this is a boxing routine and I'm trying to train MMA but im sure this will help me a buttload in the conditioning area so that I can spar for a lot longer (wont be doing it 5 days a week though)
Lead = the hand you lead with.

Rear = the hand you keep in the rear-position, the power-hand.

I would attempt all six round beginner or no. There is such a thing as keeping your punch volume low though. Work more on form and not so much power. But very few people who have tried it have made it all the way through the 6th round.

This should help you both in Boxing and MMA. In MMA your Boxing ability in using this routine should have you confident enough to tie together punches cleanly and on-balance, throw punches even when you're tired, and be able to knock out mufuckas.
Thanks dude, I was reading it Lead as in the chemical for some reason (I swear im not retarted) Do you punch in succession, as in over and over and over again or just like you would in sparring like, here and there? Im trying to get a feel of how often I should be throwing. And yes I will be working on turning my feet when I throw and lots of hip movement. (my instructor drills this into my head)
I switch up, some in succession, some sharp-shooting. Depends on how the bag moves. I let it move freely.
oh yea bro I forgot, what kind of a timer do you use?
I use an egg-timer. But lately I've actually been just playing music and ending my rounds whenever the song ends. So in reality my rounds last typically anywhere from 3-6 minutes.

I used to go strictly by the egg timer, 3 minutes to the T, but that got easy after like 4 months of doing it 5 days per week.
oh wait, whats the difference between a lead cross and a jab?
A lead-cross is a cross. A cross is a punch that is straight but you're punching with your rear-hand. Lead-cross would mean you're leading with that hand. I use the term lead-cross confusingly, I'll admit that, because in the case of the cross by "lead" I mean you lead a combination with it. It's the first punch you throw, which typically isn't the case, the jab is considered the punch to do everything off of. I could just as easily say "cross' and it's just as effective.

Oh and BTW, a cross can also be done with your lead hand. The difference would be that the jab goes straight from shoulder to butt of the jaw on the opponent. The cross with the lead-hand would be fired more at an angle and the you'd be envisioning more punching THROUGH the jaw of the opponent, goal being to turn their head with it or push them back.

But in this case I'm just talking the cross (with the rear-hand) just being the first punch you throw. My bad for confusing the terms up. I'll edit the routine thread to look right and not have my kooky talking.
thanks bro, just did it mixed it up by accident and didnt throw as much as I should have but I still was exhausted lol!!! I jsut watched a clock, do you return the eggtimer every time thats gotta be a pain!
Yup. No pain no gain mah man.
do you feel this has been a real good thing for your cardio vascular endurance? Sparring and rolling wise
Also work on distancing. That is very important. Far distance and close distance. Dont always stand at the same spot. That is unrealistic and is no good for your skill.
do you feel this has been a real good thing for your cardio vascular endurance? Sparring and rolling wise

I don't roll anymore because I'm going Pro Boxing. But I'm in the best conditioning I've ever been in. I don't get tired much at all anymore doing pretty much anything aside from my workouts, and that's saying alot as conditioning used to be my main problem.
so do you think it will/can carry over to other types of things? or is it solely for hand conditioning
It's not for hand-conditioning. It's for developing punching ability, speed, timing, accuracy, stamina, learning how to distribute energy, power, etc.
does any one know where i can get one of thoses boxing type timers the one that has 3 mins on then a bell for a 1 min rest period.
Like this?

Kind of expensive though...

I use to do this workout all the time over the summer, then I bought the Bas Rutten workout tapes. Its already timed out, you can either have 2 or 3 minute rounds, and there is a 1 minute rest. Plus it comes with a DVD that shows you what punches you are going to use and how the combinations work.