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Mar 10, 2009
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About to hit the road for work for about 3 weeks. Hotels are boring, I don't have a laptop, and working 14 hours a day all I am going to want to do is relax and read after work.

I have some big decisions I have to make when I return home. Relationship, the raising of my daughter, future work, a decision has to be made on an aspect of these three things and I hope this trip can clear my head and have me on the right path when I return.

With that said, does anyone have any book recommendations on getting your head strait/making big decisions/organizing your thoughts? I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, kinda hoping someone just has a good non-fiction book recommendation based on what I shared.

Thanks in advance.
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determine a goal make a plan
I will. Some food for my thoughts would prove nice on my long trip.
1) I know it sounds corny and I am not even a christian, but take a bible with you and read different passages.

2) I don't want to presume to know anything about your relationships, but why not take some time to think about what you want in a relationship, what you can offer/provide, and what areas you need improvement. That includes relationships with family.

3) Talk to someone. These days, people are impatient, don't listen to their friends and family and thus you have to turn to a professional. But you can often find an ordinary person willing to listen. Someone you meet who is friendly. Ordinary people can offer extraordinary advice.
Spend some time meditating. Might sound corny but it really does help.
Sounds like you need some help from deepak chopra or dr. phil.

I kid, of course.
i read russian fiction. it's interesting and the lessons of like are in there. you just need to look.

the brothers karamazov - dostoevsky
anna karanina - tolstoy
a purpose driven life
7 habit of higly effective people
the art of war
the prince
I hear good things about Tim Ferriss, and he seemed like a very decent guy on Rogan's podcasts. He's all about living life in a positive way n shit. I have not personally read his books though.
playboy dwells on embracing the finer things in life
if u need an escape why focus on non fiction? I usually read Murakami or Dostoyevsky when I feel lost
I'm not a Buddhist at all, but The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is an option. Being ostensibly about death, it has some good ideas on keeping life, and how you live it, in perspective.

Your number one concern when you weigh your options must be your daughter. I don't know if the relationship is with your daughter's mother, but if so, don't feel compelled to stay in a relationship just because you have a child. If it is a relationship you are serious about maintaining, by all means do whatever you can, but in the end, you can't fake it. A child can see right through that and it is usually more hurtful for a child to be raised with both parents present and neither happy, than it would be to share time with each knowing they both love her and will be there for her always.

Once that is the priority, everything else will fall in line imo.
i read russian fiction. it's interesting and the lessons of like are in there. you just need to look.

the brothers karamazov - dostoevsky
anna karanina - tolstoy

I'm reading Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita."
I'm going to shoot from the hip and say that the best you'll find is a book that will help you rationalise the decisions you have already made...

Having said that, I find mindmapping very useful to get a lay of the land in your head. Doesn't require much reading, and just helps you understand your own views on things.

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