Non-chuck streetable squat shoes


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Jul 3, 2007
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I'm trying to think of something good to use that isn't a Converse Chuck-Taylor, doesn't have ankle support (I have weak ankles, squatting helps me strengthen them) and is something I'm able to wear around, if I have to. (no wrestling shoes) I know this is a really strict question, but I thought if anyone would know, it would be you guys. Obviously they have to have thin soles or extremely strong and non-compressable soles. This basically makes running shoes out of the question.

I'm trying to think, and really drawing a blank. As a last resort, timberland makes a sort of "shoe boot" that is basically a low-top boot. I'd prefer not to wear those if I don't have to, though. They aren't very mobile for walking around the gym, and would limit me in exercises I can do while wearing them. (no running or jumping, no explosive lifts, like snatches.)
Get some oly shoes and wear what ever you want during the day. Or get some indoor soccer shoes.
how about birkenstocks? I know that they make sandals, but do they do normal shoes, too?
I squat in Vans skateboarding shoes. They have the flat soles which give you the good base and they're really comfortable.
Why can't you change shoes?

i currently use a pair of skateshoes but they are beatup to the point i can't wear them to the gym if it's raining/snowing etc. They work great for liftining though, running and jumping is a different story but almost any shoe thats good for lifting will basically suck for anything else

I wear the exact Adidas Sambas that Tak linked to (his first link) for deadlifting and box squatting. They have the same flat rubber soles as Chuck's but are much more comfortable to wear around. Brian Siders wears them, so they have to be awesome.
I got a pair of nike Free 7's for like 30$ at the outlet mall near here and I wear those for pretty much all the lifting that I do as well as running on the track. Very comfortable and they seem to do the trick for squatting.
Converse all stars. They're chucks wit lower tops.
Anything that's "oldschool" usually has a flat bottom. Right now I'm sporting some oldschool Nike's.

Oldschool Addidas, Oldschool Vans, Oldschool Puma's... You get the idea.
Yeh. From looking at all these ideas, I've decided to go ahead and go with Sambas. I had some as a kid and they are fairly comfy, and I'll still be able to do other workouts in them no problem. It isn't really a matter of changing shoes for the gym, its more a matter of having two different pairs of gym shoes...

Thanks a lot guys. If the sambas don't work out I guess I'll try skate shoes or nike frees next.