Nogi Zipp Hoodie


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Jan 23, 2004
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Just got it in the mail yesterday, nice lightweight hoodie, the sizing is the best part a real XL. Quick delivery as always.

It actually makes me want to get one of the thick hoodies, for when I'm out in the cold. I need replacements for my ratty looking Eddie Bauer sweatshirts.
Could you post some pics?

I've also ordered the zipper and I wondered what it really looked like.
Yea, the zipp looks pretty good. I may order one for winter.
Uh from I've seen from mine, it's more a spring autumn thing. Doesn't seem too thick. I'd say go with one of the other ones with the "winter" thickness offered. I will when it gets closer to the season
I'm with you sir037, I like the idea of replacing most of my other brands of clothing with MMA companies.
Agreed Adino. That is what I am trying to do as well.
NoGi is pretty much got badass gear for any situation
ClampXVII said:
NoGi is pretty much got badass gear for any situation

I believe it. Definitally some gear you can sport in alot of situations, not just training.