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nogi Tsunami hoodie

buried alive

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Apr 13, 2005
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Does someone one this? how is the quality? and could you please upload a good pic :icon_surp
I don't have a digital camera, but I have the hoodie, which is great. It has a nice nogi logo on the back, and a logo on the left elbow. Very nice. I would highly recommend it.
Maybe a weird question but its something I wonder: Do the Nogi hoodies have nogi labels on the inside?

I aks this because my friends saw that my nogi beanie and cap didnt have nogi labels on the inside and thought they were fake :|
They have a label that says ALSTYLE but not one that says NOGI. Just like most t-shirts have a tag that says Hanes or Gildan.

We have moved to tagless completely but, there was a while that we had the other tags in there.

As for the pictures...We are SLOWLY changing over to actual photo (instead of illustrations) There is a shot of the back on the main mens link.
That logo on the back is the same as on my black tsunami (except in white and black). Really cool.
I have now orderd one from ssfgear.com :D

hmm, i wonder how long it will take to ship it to sweden ?