Nogi sizing and other options


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Oct 27, 2002
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hi all,

For those in the know, what's the sizing for nogi like? There's a thread in before regarding the hoodies but what about the shorts? All I've ever bought are sprawls. I wear a 34 old style sprawl (without the inside tie) that was slightly loose but acceptable and the 06 models fit me fine. Would it translate well across to nogi? Also it should be noted that I'm a short lil mofo at 5'4"-5'5". Is length gonna be a problem?

Also to Chris and the nogi guys, I see that on the website you guys don't have 34 OEs. I was thinking of getting a pair of blues and OEs. Any idea when they'll be back in stock. But I'm also only gonna place my order in like a month or so. Enough time to earn some dosh and hopefully in time for Christmas.

Thanks in advance
The OE will be back in stock in Jan. They seem to run a little big. I can wear a 34 and my natural size is a 35. The Blue and the JET look great in or out of the gym.
I've have all the Nogi shorts, they are the best. My first pair I ordered true to size NOW I order one size smaller. I wear 32 everyday and wear 30 in Nogi. One thing for sure you'll LOVE them.
Ouch. That puts a spanner in the works. I was hoping to get everything in one go. Seeing as how shipping's a bit harsh when it comes to my neck of the woods (ie anything outside NA lol).
I was looking specifically at nogi.

It was gonna be a pair of blue, oe and a yet to be determined hoodie for now and if I can get some other people to see if they wanted to roder as well to split the shipping but I get the nasty feeling I'm in alone for this one (right now here it's, "if it ain't sprawl it ain't worth getting". I changed my shorts at the last tourney when one team showed up in the same coloured sprawls it was like a team thing I think).

But I've been looking at the nogi website and ssfgear and the nogi gear looks mint so I figured I might order some, maybe gift some for Christmas in time for the nice part of summer for beach.
Where are you located? Do the hoodie and the Blue shorts now and I will ship the OE in Jan for free. Pay for the shorts and the shipping will be on me.

I don't care if you live in Australia
hah. Australia as if!

I'm in New Zealand my man.

Sweet as. Time to clear the credit card and go shopping.
Excellent! I was close though...............mate
Excellent mate.

Should be ordering in a day or so. As long as I get a IOU back from someone.

Can't wait to get that gear.
Hey Chris,

I put my order in last night

Order ID : 731734

I've gone with 32. My old 34 sprawls are starting to drop (a bit of plumbers crack if I don't watch out). Hopefully they'll fit fine. Can't wait for the stuff to get to me!
Should be about 6 weeks

:) Just kidding. Shipped this morning
Wow. Sweet

Cheers Chris. I'm sure they'll be as great as everyone is going on about. Just hope I don't put the pudge on in the 10-14 days or so it'll take for them to arrive. I'm on the exam diet of burgers and fries now lol