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Nog vs Shad


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May 9, 2011
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What do you guys think of this fight? I personally really like it and will be rooting for Nog but, I wouldn't bet a dollar on him I think Shad controls him for the fight to win by UD. Thoughts?
I think Rashad will have trouble with Lil Nog in the standup department. Evans better be going for the takedown early. I could see Lil Nog landing significantly in the opening moments and Rashad going into Michigan State mode.
Shad will make Nog look even slower than usual.
Its a very interesting fight. Based on what he saw with Rogerio vs Bader and Davis, it makes sense to think that Rashad is the fav. Rashad is the better mma wrestler and striker then both.

Rogerio does have some great hands and solid power and that is something that is a big threat to Rashad who was downed by Silva and Rampage from strikes that didnt really seem that strong, so he is vulnerable.

I know for a fact that Rogerio is training hard and taking this fight very seriously. Aside from his usual training with his team and coaches in boxing and BJJ he is bringing in 2 Russian wrestlers, not sure who to work on that aspect of his game.

Both guys have great hands, Rashad has the wrestling, Rogerio the BJJ.

Gonna be a good one.
Evans winning via ud is one of the easiest fights to call.
Evans winning via ud is one of the easiest fights to call.

Part of my brain is saying this, I understand that. There is a part of me that has seen Lil Nog sprawl on guys early (Bader and Davis) and seen Rashad get rocked by guys in the standup (Silva and Rampage). I think Lil Nog is coming to fight and I think it can be competitive. I guess realistically, though, Rashad would win most of the time.
I also have a hunch that Nog is training his ass off for this fight, this is arguably his toughest opponent yet and it is almost certainly his toughest opponent in the UFC thus far
Well for the most part we can all agree that Nog won't get finished
Nog by early TKO if I'm lucky. Boring UD by Rashad is what I'd expect.

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