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No Limits FSG vs. OC Kickboxing


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Oct 31, 2004
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For people that are familiar with these two places: Which of these two gyms would you recommend?

A friend of mine and his girlfriend want to join a gym, but start out easy. They want to do either the Cardio Kickboxing at No Limits (the Muay Thai program requires previous experience and it's a competition program) or the Kickboxing and Phase 1 (JKD) program at OC Kickboxing.

My friend wants to eventually do BJJ, and they both have ok instructors.

Have any of your Sherdogger's trained at any of the two gyms? What are your experiences there? What would you recommend? What are the differences in terms of what you learn and so forth?

My personal impression has been that OC Kickboxing is a bit of a "tamer" (for lack of a better word) but better organized, while No Limits might be more "hardcore" but with less organization to the classes and instruction. Am I wrong?

Please feel free to correct me. Which is a good beginner's gym that allows for well organized future development?
I have visited both facilities for a trial workout session. Here are my thoughts:

OC Kickboxing- Jeet Kune Do based program. BJJ is also taught here by Cleber Luciano. Lots of fit and hot women working out here. I wouldn't mind joining just for the women but my wife would be very pissed. The workout is ok. The instruction is ok. If you tell them that you're interested in training for a certain type of competition, they'll tailor your instruction as such. Some of their students fight in muay thai smokers, BJJ competitions, Savate matches, boxing and kickboxing matches. I don't think they do too hot in competition though. There isn't too much of an emphasis in competition here.
Also, I believe they're on the expensive side. Last time I was there, they were charging a $1,000 flat fee for a one year deal. Or you can elect for the $125 a month deal.

No Limits: Obviously this is the facility where Team Oyama and Quentin "Rampage" Jackson trains. Muay thai instruction by Colin Oyama is second to none. BJJ instruction is supposed to be under Luciano Prado. When I was there, they had some Oyama fight team guy teach class. The facility is really nice, bigger than OC Kickboxing. The type of people that frequent this gym is different. You have more MMA fans coming here. The BJJ program doesn't have too many guys. It was a smaller group when I checked them out and as such they don't have many guys beyond the blue belt level. Nevertheless they do train for competitions and it does have the makings of becoming a respectable program. The price for just Muay Thai is $100/month and includes access to the cardio kickbox programs. I have no idea about pricing for BJJ.
Thanks for the response! You seem to be the authority here in the forum on OC clubs. Do you know people that train at either of these places?

I have the impression that OC Kickboxing wasn't that geared into competition as well, and that they focus on trying to bring in corps and (probably) girls. Basically people that aren't necessarily into MMA like you said. But at the same time they appear to have good instructors.

And yeah No Limits has an awesome facility and I've gone to some of their fights events, so it seems more focused on competition. However, my friend won't be doing the Muay Thai class - I'm sure he'd like too - but he's a noob... And I think that you have to be approved/be pretty good to be accepted to that class... It might also be a full contact MT class which my friend doesn't want to do...

In any case thanks for the response!
i train muay thai at no limits now and i think if u want strictly muay thai nlfsg is the better choice, a lot of the people that train there do pretty well in smoker fights and the trainers all compete in kotc, cage rage, events like that