No-gi closed guard instructional


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Jan 11, 2005
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I'm slowly realizing that my closed guard sucks. And while there is a ton of instructionals for the half guard, I haven't found a really good no gi closed guard instructional.

What I'm looking for is not a collection of moves type instructional, but more of a system that would include the basic moves like armbar, triangle, omoplata.
Those moves are explained in tons of instructionals, but most of the time it's a step by step presentation that never takes into account the oponent's reaction.

A perfect example of a giid closed guard systel would be Eddie Bravo's material, but I already have the rubber guard book, and I'm not that flexible anyway.

Any ideas ?
Guillobel's advanced no-gi disc is awesome for no-gi guard. Only thing is he transitions from closed to an overhook butterfly for most of it. But it's great stuff.
the above^^ and Helio soneca Guard

matt serras is good too