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    I'll get to the point.

    From 2013-2016 I gained a staggering 42lbs going from a in shape 18X to a fat 230. I had quit boxing competitively, and in general quit taking care of my self.

    November of 2017 I decided I didn't want to be fat. Got back into lifting, started a "keto diet" I use the quotations because I was still eating around 80 net carbs a day. I also monitored kept my calories at 1800 a day, one cheat day a month but still didnt exceed 2200 calories on those days.

    November 2018 I had lost 30 of those pounds. Which was great, however over the last 5 months my weight has not budged. Except the 3lb shifts that return the next morning.

    I lift 4 days a week using 5x5 with a 1.5 treadmill warm up. 1 day a week I devote completely to anaerobic cardio. I'll run two miles, 3 two minute rounds of jump rope, get on the ecliptic for fat burn ect.. I've seen good strength gains, however I dont think they could possible be the weight issue as they aren't massive.

    I wanted to exhausted all options because I consult a endocrinologist or nutritionist.

    Da faq is going on sherbros?! I'm 15lbs away from my goal and it feels even further away then when I started.

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