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Dec 24, 2004
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Im looking for a Bjj class in Union county. Anyone attend a school in this area?
I saw bjj.org had a school instructed by Tyrone Elijah but i didnt find it where I went there.
I dont know Tyrone personally, but he trains at Louis Vintaloro's place and my instructor who trains with him says he's great, if you go to armlock.com, you can find a link to his website:

I dunno if you're located close to Ricardo Almeida, but if you are I would attend his place.
where is union county? is that south?
I actually know Tyrone, I rolled with him last night at class. He trains under my Instructor Louis Vintaloro and lemme tell ya he's a big boy.
Any other classes you guys now about?
Ricardo Almeida's is near trenton Im near Newark.
I got to visit 6 schools on my business trip to NJ and the best school, based on competition level and instruction, was Performance Jiu-jitsu in Fairlawn(i think it was). I also liked David Adiv's school, his instruction was second to none, but there weren't nearly as many students there.