Nitrix/ General Arginine Question



Guys, help me out...
One of my roommates has gotten on track with some BSN supplements. He's now taking Nitrix and Cellmass. With his caloric intake, he is looking at getting about 20 days out of a bottle. Trying to prolong the life of the bottle, here inlies the question, and it may be a rhetorical one at that.

Providing, he takes 3 pills at 3x per day on workout days, and 2 pills 2x per day on off days.. he uses it up quick.
Is supplementing Arginine on an off day doing anything for him?
I recommended Arginine to him after my experiences with it. And yes, i have read Terumo's post, and it is logical, but i have a hard time refuting a supplement after solid personal gains while taking it. Key word: personal. As i know supplements act differently with everyone.

ANYWAYS.. back to topic.. Supplementing Arginine on off days: Beneficial or waste of money?

Please explain..
Thanks guys!
Also.. he's wanting to get NO-Explode now.. I know BSN would of course suggest this, more money in the corporate pocket. Necessary with a Cellmass and Nitrix stack?
The personal gains probably come from the dextrose. Dextrose has been given pre-workout (not recommended) in studies and the subjects who were given it were able to handle higher volumes than those who were not.

Having said that, the theory behind NO products is the vasodilation effect, so I never saw any reason whatsoever to use it on off days. He should only take it pre-workout.
Hey Mick, there's a new article about the validity of NO products, I'll have to look it up and find it but it was said by one of the more competent trainers in the Industry. If I find it I'll post some tidbits from it.
You always have to remember that the manufacturer wants you to use lots so you come back to buy more. Just experiment to see what works. I take one scoop of NO-Xplode before my workout and one scoop of Cellmass after and I've gotten really good results.

I've got Nitrix, too, but the pills are too freaking big, so I quit. Even breaking them in half, I'd choke on the damn things fairly often. So, if anyone wants half a bottle of Nitrix, let me know. You can Paypal me the shipping costs. And no, I didn't hide razor blades in the pills. Only with Halloween candy.
Chad Hamilton said:

Why is pre workout dextrose not recommended?
Because of the blood sugar crash- it'd occur before you finished working out. It's better to sip a gatorade or dextrose-based electrolyte solution during the workout, but not to load a 30+ gram serving of dextrose immediately before. You do that after.

Kabuki, yes, please, I'm willing to read any new info on NO.