Nicola Adams nominated for sport's personality of the year - lands TV role

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    Did not know she already had parts in Corrie and Emmerdale.

    Olympic boxing champ Nicola Adams has struck gold again - by landing her first major TV role.

    The petite 30-year-old London 2012 star from Leeds, who is up for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award tonight, has already enjoyed cameo roles in Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

    Now the budding actress is looking forward to seeing herself on the small screen in a drama next year.

    Nicola said: "If I wasn't boxing I would be acting now. I had small parts in Corrie and Emmerdale and I wanted to take it a bit further so I had some lessons.

    "I'm starring in a TV drama in the new year, it's very exciting - I can't give you any more details though, it's top secret.

    "The one role I really want to do is action, I'd love to act in a James Bond film one day.

    "Obviously boxing would always come first but I will do my best to work around it. It would be nice to get a role on Corrie, I love watching that programme."

    Feisty Nicola will have to use her acting skills if she wins tonight's prestigious award because she hasn't prepared anything to say.

    She laughed: "It will be a big shock if I win, I haven't even prepared a speech.

    "To just be nominated is a real achievement - to be alongside people like Bradley Wiggins or Jessica Ennis is fantastic for me."

    Since winning gold in the summer Nicola has been inundated with designers and brands desperate for her to showcase their clothes.

    But the headstrong fighter will only wear items she has hand-picked. She also hopes to produce her own boxing range for a top designer.

    Nicola said: "I'm wearing a silk shirt by Ralph Lauren, a trouser suit by Joseph and Prada shoes. They are amazing.

    "I get a lot of people asking me to wear their clothes but I don't want to, I pick out my own clothes.

    "I'm really into Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen, I'd love to have met him.

    "I'm not into wearing dresses but I feel a lot more glamorous now, and I wasn't able to express that before. I'm not that girly but I do like getting the chance to not be in tracksuit bottoms and to wear normal clothes, I love dressing up with my friends.

    "It would be cool to have my own boxing fashion range, I haven't spoken to anyone yet but that would be good. My shoe collection is really big, it's 50/50 heels and trainers."

    Now she's a national treasure, Nicola has been able to splash the cash on her nearest and dearest.

    She added: "Me and my mum go shopping a lot - I took her out the other day and got her some designer clothes. It's nice to treat her, so I try and do it as much as possible."

    But Nicola admits the best part of her new-found fame is inspiring women who are not in sport.

    She said: "I couldn't have asked for a better response from everyone with the boxing, the level of celebrities in the crowd was incredible during the Olympics, the number of people willing to pay huge amounts for a ticket was ridiculous.

    "Girls came up to me saying they worked in male-dominated offices and I had inspired them to achieve more and do as well as the men.

    "It's fantastic that I have inspired people who aren't even in sport."

    But Nicola is also aware of the downside to her success - that some people only want to be mates with her because of her fame.

    She added: "I have to remember that people are friends with me for different reasons so I am sticking to the friends I already have.

    "My parents and real friends keep me grounded and you can tell when someone has different intentions."
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    I really like her, she seems like a nice girl. A hell of a boxer too.

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