Nick's Surgery B-day Bullshit


Seauxthern Dead
Jun 12, 2007
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So this is my wish-list/feedback thread, because I can't lift again until late August. Also, my birthday was June 8th and I didn't do anything, so this is my belated request thread. My shoulder surgery netted:

1. Separated AC Joint
2. Torn AC Cartilage
3. Bone Spur
4. Bruised Rotator Cuff
5. Inflamed RC Bursa
6. Torn Labral Cartilage
7. Labrum torn from Capsule

So that's all healing. I can't wait for August.

So, here's what I'm trying to find.

1. Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes. The problem is, I wear an 11.5 shoe, and the higher-heeled Do-Wins are going out of stock in blue red and white. I like the Rogues, but I'd appreciate the higher heel, because my ankle flexibility is a bit lame. Anyone know where I can get a new pair of the older ones? Or have any experience with good alternatives?

2. A complete list of surgery-approved upperbody exercises to put-on/keep mass on my upper body. I'll be in New Zealand soon playing rugby, so I'll need as much mass as possible as I'm sure my small college American skills won't float me.

3. I've always been a big, heavy guy. But getting stronger and more explosive has made that less of an issue. I'm trying to take this to the next level, because I've always wanted to JUKE on the field. If anyone is really good at deceptive, embarrassing, side-stepping, jitterbugging, ankle-shattering sport running please point me to some resources. I have no one to teach me.

And here's what I've been trying to do to keep somewhat active. I'm 2.5 weeks out from surgery.

1. Prowler Dragging, (waist, extended left arm, backward, sprint, powerdrag)
2. One-Hand Barbell Snatch (95lbs)
3. Prone-Cobra (for shoulder re-positioning... hopefully)
4. Jogging/Intermittent sprinting with a rugby ball.
5. Agility drills (soon) 5-dot, cones...
6. Depth Jumps/Vertical Jumps
7. Sideways Lunges (plyo/weighted)
8. Neckwork?
9. One-arm pushups.
10. Ab-circuits
11. Pistols? (not flexible)
12. Curls/Tricep Pressdown
13. Leg Press

Am I missing anything?
Thank you beautiful people.
Oh wow good luck on the recovery man. It's good to see that your still focused on the weights.