NHL 23: Broken Sternums and Broken Dreams

Story of his life the last 6 weeks or so:

Team panthers or oilers....unless you got your kids inheritance on the line everyone should be cheering for a game 7 at this point

Thats what my buddy and i been saying. We're Leafs fans and nothing more exciting than a Game 7....unless your team loses it in overtime, hahaha
Team panthers or oilers....unless you got your kids inheritance on the line everyone should be cheering for a game 7 at this point

The people who don't want a game 7 (and didn't want a game 5 or 6) fall into one or more of the following categories:

1. Fans of other Canadian teams who don't want another Canadian team to win
2. Kings/Canucks/Stars fans who don't like that the Oilers beat their team
3. People who are jealous that the Oilers have McDavid
4. Americans who will root for any American team over any Canadian team
5. Genuine Panthers fans.
6. People who have money on the Panthers

With the last 2 being the least likely ones. All of this talk about favourable officiating or the Oilers out-diving their opponents is confirmation bias nonsense. Since the start of the Canucks series, the Oilers have taken 115 PIM and their opponents have taken 114.
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Only 1 team has blown a 3 game lead in the finals. 1942 Red Wings. Florida seems to be on a mission though.

No team has even forced a game 7 after going down 0-3 in the finals since the 1945 Red Wings.

Of the 29 times a team went down 0-3 in the finals, 20 resulted in sweeps, 5 went 5 games, 2 went 6 games, and 2 went 7 games (1942 and 1945)

So the Oilers have already done better than 25/29 teams did after going down 0-3.
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How the fuck did the King's just get out of that PLD contract with no salary retained? Capitals must be fully content on tanking and having Ovi take 60 shots a game to get that record.
I just saw that and am fucking amazed myself. Blake was smart enough to get out of that shit tier contract after one year. Who the fuck knows what is up with Washington.

I'm also not sure the Devils trading for Markstrom is really going to be enough to get them over the hump, but it'll beat the sieves they had last year.
How bout they just don’t foul

I think the whole point of diving is that there is no foul but they're trying to make it look like a foul.

I remember men's league. We used to have beers after games, sometimes in the carpark. The ref was with us and we're just talking about the game. He turns around to me and just goes "Hey, you're a bit of a diver huh?" Me "Nah... I don't dive. I just don't try very hard to stay upright when I get bumped". It was a non check league. I'm also 5'6" and competed at 125lbs in jiu jitsu.

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