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NHL 23: Broken Sternums and Broken Dreams

bunch of sensitive bitches in here. Did any of you cry babies watch hockey prior to 2000?

Yeah. If your posts start to resemble idrake's, I think you need to take a hard look at yourself. lol.
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Yeah. If your posts start to resemble idrake's,

i definately wouldn't be putting down 500K on the oilers. not even tree-fiddy. they absolutely suck.

Paul Maurice is basically James Spader. As time goes on I just get more convinced that he's impersonating Robert California.
The only reason Vancouver was even in that series was thanks to Skinners sub .800 save percentage. They got out played 5 of 7 games. Your delusion is off the charts.

I don't think the Canucks would've beaten the Stars. If the Oilers did get lucky it was in that series (2 posts game 1 in OT, stealing game 6).
The 2 posts last night in the same power play was pretty unlucky. So many injured oilers.
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Must win for Oilers next game. I don't think any team comes back from a 3-0 deficit.
The 2 posts last night in the same power play was pretty unlucky. So many injured oilers.

Yeah Knoblauch brought up 3 posts in the post-game. They were still soundly outplayed regardless. And the Panthers hit the post at least once as well.

In the Oilers' 6 previous losses before this series, they were all close 1 goal games before they pulled their goalie. In this series they were down by 2 goals both times.

So it looks like the Panthers are probably just as good as they were hyped to be and I think Edmonton will have to take both at home to have much of a chance. They need back to back games like 4+5 against Dallas or 6+7 against Vancouver.
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It feels like the only Oilers players that are visible are McDavid, Bouchard, and Ekholm of all people.

The Cats have totally neutralized Drai and Hyman. Is RNH even Playing?

If they lose Nurse, even if he's been playing like shit, they are screwed. They don't have anyone who can take his minutes.

I thought this would go 6 or maybe 7 games, but this is probably ending in a gentleman's sweep.
“The Oilers tallied just seven shots on goal through the game's first 40 minutes. Per ESPN, that marked the fewest shots through two periods of a Stanley Cup Final game since NHL started recording the stat in 1960.“ from yahoo. Lol. That’s wild