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NHL 23: Broken Sternums and Broken Dreams

man that was a great series. i have no excuses. the referees put their whistles away and the better team won tonight.
You are crazy bastard but a great hockey fan. You did speak out of your asshole a lot during the series though lol.

The Canucks have a great future.
Livin on a prayer lyrics pretty literal for Edmonton now. Although the tougher half is left.

Bettors giving the western teams slightly better odds of winning. Dallas is the slight favourite over Edmonton.

Dallas 3.30
Edmonton 3.40
Florida 3.70
New York 4.50

I don't watch the eastern teams much so I'm not sure why the western teams are being slightly favoured over them. I would've expected the opposite. For Edmonton maybe their power play/penalty kill combo. Although the Rangers look very strong in that regard as well.
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