next comp in february (advice needed)

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by private ryan, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. well i got my arse handed to me at the london open by a judo black belt.
    the next comp coming up is in february and i need to knuckle down and train for it.
    heya bud
    bit of a problem that you might be able to help me with.
    im currently going to gracie barra dagenham on a tuesday(no gi) wednesday and a saturday.
    its also open on a thursday which is supposed to be an advanced class and sunday evening which is just open mat.
    its also open on a monday night but thats the one night a week where im doing a course at college at night.
    im looking to up my training for february because thats when my next comp is.
    i was thinking of maybe adding a judo night in and upping my weights.
    i used to do alot of powerlifting so im a heavyweight at 5.8. in not as strong as i used to be but with a little training im sure i could have my old strength back.
    i found a judo club that is local but it only does a beginners course on a monday night.
    could you give me any advice on what sort of training plan i should go for in order to prepare me for february?
  2. just been searching the internet and found a judo club that offers a senior class on a thursday night but its only an hour and 15 minutes long.
    its right beside my old gym so maybe i could do some weights before i do judo?
    these questions may sound stupid so any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Foppa21 Red Belt

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    How do you think you did in the last comp?

    Like was he far better than you or was it parts of your game that he found holes in? Concentrate on strengthening your weaknesses or at least get them to a point where they aren't as exploitable. Like what wrestlers started doing a while ago in mma. Practice submission not to pull them off but to avoid them when sitting in someone's guard so that they can gnp and not get subbed.
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    I wouldnt suggest weight training before judo.. spells over training and will probably result in injury... Just stick to your training and hit the weights on your off days or at least give your body 4-6 hours of rest between weights and judo... Just my opinion.
  5. cheers for your help fellas
    anyone else got any good advice?
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    The obvious answer is if you can train more then go for it, doesn't really matter if its BJJ or judo the extra mat time will help you improve. The only caveat being dont add too many sessions at once as you will likely end up over training.

    You said you were beaten by a judo blackbelt, was it a case of him beating you on stand up and stalling on the ground or just the fact that he is likely been training longer than you and was better on the ground? There is no argument I can think of against improving your stand up grappling, if you cant make it to the judo class is there any one you can work on it with at the open mat?

    As for weights where are planning on training? I've previously trained twice a day, going to the university gym at 8am before lectures start at 10 but this obvisously is a bit harder with a real job. STill I have been using cross fit workouts more recently and since I can get them done it about 30-40 minutes I have been getting up earlier to do them before work (you can get by with fairly minial equipment, I use a sand bag and a couple of dumbells, so I train at home to save even more time)

    Out of interest which competition is in in February? I've heard that seni might be held then instead of in april like the last few years and since you train with Marc Walder I thought you might know (I believe he organizes it)
  7. i got beaten with a pretty sweet throw and as soon as i landed he was on me and got a scarf hold and then an arm crank.
    i figured this could be my training routine.
    tuesday bjj (no gi)
    wednesday bjj
    thursday judo
    friday weights (upper body)
    saturday bjj
    sunday am weights (lower body)
    sunday pm bjj open mat

    i did alot of strongman training a few years ago and i figured i could get back doing some of that for my two weights sessions a week.
    marc talked to me about a comp in portugal in january and a comp in february near to our club.
    im not sure of the details but i will find out on tuesday for you.
    cheers bud.
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    wow that is a lot of traing, but if you can handle it, go for would be too much for me
  9. im gonna ease into it lightly and see how i feel.
    anyone else got any advice please?

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