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News on Kid?


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Apr 1, 2010
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I figured he would have got one last chance on the FuelTv 8 card, but it doesn't seem he is on it. Anyone hear if he got cut or retired?
I think he's still injured, but he'll always be one of my fave fighters and I'm still waiting for his big comeback.
Glad no one has mentioned how he is "overrated"... People don't seem to understand how long the guy has been fighting and how many injuries he has had. I hope he can make a good run in the UFC before retiring.
I think Kid could make 125 maybe he could revive his career there.I have always disliked kid for continuing to punch people after the fights over it was a pleasure watching him lose while betting against him.
People also forget that he was the P4P best for a couple years in the mid-2000's. His career has went severely down since his injuries and surgeries. Hopefully he has a great scrap again soon but he's always looking too hesitant in his last few fights...sort of like a mini-Rampage. You know he can blast people and out-wrestle them but the injuries and hesitation prevents him from getting his past glory back.
Kid been fightin since 2001, fought at 155 regularly as a 5'4'' stud (who now fights at 135 and can likely make 125), kickboxed with K1 LW elites in Masato and Zambidi, and is now 35 years old. He's an old 35. War Yamamoto.