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Oh wow man that is freaking awesome! Enjoy that and take lots of pics and stuff so we can see how it went!

Enson Inoue

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Dec 22, 2001
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My Highlight Video winner has been picked. Congrats to Canadianfightclub!!! See you in Japan soon!
Bert, I give you permission to do a tell all story. Training, beatings, police, Yakuzas(Japanese, Chinese, Iran, etc), family, and night life. I don't care about anything except my boss(wife) getting angry. So use your discretion and you got my OK.
Actually they call me Bear......

So far I'm sure Bert is having a good trip cause he has been threatened to be killed only 3 times and threatened to be shot only 2 times. The day after tomorrow, I'll be taking Bert to Kyoto.
Nah, In all seriousness, You'll be fine Bert. To get to you, they would have to get to me....and you know none of these guys would get through me.
Yes in a way but I'm gooood friends with them too..... Right Bert?
Bert I do sleep..................When I drive sometimes.
Hey guys....ask Bert to tell you about the story of us saving Takada's ass. Yes Prides Takada. Him and his friends were getting an ass whipping last night by one of the biggest gangs in Tokyo. It was exciting.
Berts been too busy sleeping to log on....... He has some unreal stories but, the question is whether or not he'll fill you guys in. Last night when we were out at some Japanese drinking bars, Bert told me....."Shit, I wish I knew how to speak Japanese."
As I type this now he is catching some zzzzzzz's.
Takada's friend was fucked up pretty bad. When I got to where the brawl was, Brent had front row seats almost in the action. Brents got balls
I'm off to Guam tonight but will keep checking the internet.
Clubbing, training, stopping fights, vale tudo, yakuza meetings, etc..... Oh, also very little sleep time, I'm always on the go.
Don't know yet, this one is not even over yet. Bert may never go home.
No shit when I reread that, it did look like he might get hit or something. I really meant that he having such a good time that he may not want to leave.

I'm waiting for the call............
Thanks guys.
I'm now in Guam and the weather is great. Maybe I'll get a tan today.....Bert and Arashi. CHEEESECAKE!!!!