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Oct 14, 2005
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Ive recently started MT and thought about getting the kit now. I am not going to spar heavily for some time, so what type of gloves should I look for/which ones are decent? Should I get the ones which are predominantly for bag work...or are they all the essentially the same as the boxing ones? I need to get some wraps . Anyone know of any websites that do deals for gloves+wraps bought together? Or even better a starter kit, with groin guard, wraps, gloves etc all bundled together?? I live in the UK

if you're not planning to spar for a while, all you would basically need would be hand wraps and bag gloves with the optional ankle support depending on your preference. The groin protectors can be held off until you are ready to get your sparring gear package. For sparring you'd need most importantly a mouthguard you'll also want to get a groin protector, sparring gloves (our gym uses 18 oz for sparring regardless of fighter size), head guard, and shin guards. If you guys are throwing knees as well I think a body protector would be necessary too. Usually your gym would have most of the equipment needed and all you'd really need would be hand wraps, mouth guard, and cup. However some community gloves and head guards are pretty gross since they'd have soaked up sweat from numerous people for years and some look nastier than my battered sneakers so depending on how your fat your wallet is and the condition of the community gear at your gym, you may want to get your own stuff.
You need a cup now. You can still get kicked in the groin holding pads especially if you guys are working front kicks..
Hey Ron do you have any plans for a SSF line shinguards and headgear? Call me a pussy but i like my gear to match and if i get a set from Fairtex or Twins its going to cost me like $240 by the time i get it shipped and everything. A line of SSF sparring gear would be sweet.
right now we just have the boxing (2 styles) and MMA gloves. We are looking at shin guards but the gis will come first.

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