new SSF designs

me too, a little cartoony but i like that one best. I dont think the ideas about the company logo will sell the best.. i mean you are the distributer..

That would be like me sporting a walmart tshirt because i liked rollback prices.

But the jiujitsu shirt is cool, and the back of your hoodie has a cool design too.. with the fist.
We are bring out a lot of new products in the near future and moving away from being just a distributer and more into being a brand. Our gis will be in production soon. I would love to become the Wal-Mart of the fight world,lol.

This one will be out soon
Sounds pretty realistic SSF. The products all look good, and given your committment and customer service, I don't see why not. You just have to get some big names wearing your gear (hopefully Chainsaw will be that, but after his last loss, who knows).
The new tight rashies look pretty good. Maybe next year, when I need some more gear I will invest in some of those. The nogis you are hooking me up with should quench my desire for a while.
Ron what about those designs I was e-mailing you about, are those hoodies gonna be made soon cause I want one.
w00t. Throw me a PM or e-mail the day they arrive!
Niiice. But I'm not feeling the logo on those rashguards. Doesn't look that great. Maybe it's because I am always on your guys sites and see it all the time.
The graphics are super crisp and sharp in person.

We will have some new designs avail in the rashguards sometime in the future when the long sleeves come out.
That grey/black hoodie design looks pretty bad ass. Post some pictures of the actual product when it's finished.
Ron, I guess you didn't like the idea of changing V-T to NHB and adding some stitching to it to make it look like a nice rashguard? Oh well still looks good.
Phenom-we are going to do both styles. They had already started on these.

Thanks for all the comments.
oh yeah, I forgot to mention that our artwork is done by the same guy that does Thunder, BTT, Hunter, WAND and a few other Brazilian brands. We will have a lot more designs coming out soon.