New Sponsor and Regulations for Gear and Equipment. Please Read

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May 7, 2002
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We're proud to welcome the people at Sprawl as our new gear and equipment sponsor. In light of their sponsorship, as well as in keeping with all products sold through in general, we will be implementing stricter moderation with regard to freelance advertizing of other sites or products. To help regulate the forum we've also added Fozzy, a G & E regular, to help with questions, answers and moderation.

This is simply an enforcement of the original purpose and intention of this forum. It was intended for the discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences. In order for us to attract advertising we need to limit these boards to discussion topics. Further, to maintain the integrity of these dicussions we need to clearly distinguish between advertisement and opinion. Also, we do not want advertising that competes with the items we sell at After all, we bear the cost of running this site and it should not become a venue for someone to undercut us because they are using our investment for their own ends.

We will look to our mods to uphold the forum rules and to maintain the integrity of this discussion forum which we provide at no cost to the MMA community.
To everyone on the gear forum and other forums. The recent rules here are no different then any other forum on The new rule has nothing to do with Sprawl. It is my doing. If you think about it for a second I know you can figure it out.

If not we here at sell stuff. Why would i want or let someone come to my forum and advertise their things that we sell or might even sell in the future. I know this might have been a bit of a shell shock for most but to be honest I did not frequent the gear forum but once we got a sponsor and i checked it out I decided to enforce this rule.

So here is how it will work......

1st time we will erase your post and send you a friendly reminder.

2nd we will send you another friendly reminder and apply you with double yellows. will be no longer wanted here.

I know this all seems harsh and know we will probably not have to do any of this but it must be posted for people to see and read.

Jeff Sherwood
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