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New Shock Doc Power Gel DNA mouthguard


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Aug 13, 2007
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Has anyone seen this new Shock Doctor mouthguard? I saw it online yesterday for the first time and I figured someone here has seen and/or used one. As far as Boil & Bites go (which we all know isn't that far) it looks pretty good. It appears to have a better material to work with mold wise possibly leading to an actual tight fit with a BnB. I was just curious what you guys think about it, and please don't respond with "get a custom, BnB's can't compare." We are all aware of the superiority of custom's, and if you don't know, now you know.

Shock Doctor :: Products :: Mouthguards :: Power Gel DNA
Yeh, i saw this too on the site. I'm very intrested if the price is right.
buy what you want and can Custom Mouth Guardsafford man. i myself had a shock doctor then went for a custom after that. my theory is. you only have one set of teeth its pay 3-4000 dollars to get your teeth fixed or 100 to get a custom guard.
Looks promising.
I'm glad they have one in orange.


Looks pretty good for a boil-n-bite. It seems like it has the benefits of a double in covering both the upper and lower teeth without being as bulky as one.
One downfall is it looks hard to breathe through but you should be breating through your nose anyway.
I wonder how big the difference between low and high end boil'n'bites really is.