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New school, need a little help


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Feb 12, 2008
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Hey All,
I am starting a new school tonight as I moved to far away from my old school (Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts Academy) and I am a bit nervous ( god I feel like I am in high school again :redface:), my question is that their practice is for 3 hours, there is striking and then grappling. I am mainly interested in the grappling, but they require you to participate in the striking, which has live sparring. I have never done any sparring, I have taken Muay Thai classes for about 8 moths but never any sparring. Any advice for me as I am only experienced hitting stationary Thai pads?
if you're not comfortable sparring then you shouldn't have to. just tell your insructor that you're not yet comfortable sparring. you shouldn't be forced to spar if you don't want to.
but i think you are lucky if there gonna let you spar already, most places won't let you spar right off the bat.
lol, dude, sparring kicks ASS!! Just tell your partner that you're a newb and he won't headkick or try to KO you. If he does, then he's a dick.
They want you to spar right out of the gate? Not my choice, I dont let guys spar for 2 months (I make exceptions for gifted/smart/experienced guys) so that they dont do anything silly and get hurt for it.

Odd to me. Places dont like newbs to spar off the bat for good reason, unless they just need some fodder.........
If you're paying for it then you tell them what you want to do.. I think its good to spar so you get use to defending yourself after throwing punches and to help you not flinch.. I was the same way.. My class was mostly pads and you spar after class if you want, I'm the type that needs to be thrown in it..I was nervouse but guys that train are usally cool and will work with you, once in a while you get the big headed ego guys that want to show off..Go at your own pace but I would try to spar
Dude. You're the one paying the cash, you're in control of your own expectations. Don't let them pee on you.