New Ross Enamait Book released

Im brooke until midnight tomorow... As soon as the money says ca-ching in my bank account im buying it! It was a long time ago since i was so hyped about spending money!

All Ross books have been the best I read about training for ma, mma and boxing, and this is suposed to be his best work yet so...
What's new and haven't been covered in his previous books? Don't get me wrong, I like his previous publications.
...More advanced BW movements like one armed chins.
But the bulk of it I understand is "putting it all together". He touches on his earlier work -bw, gpp, med balls, so on- but goes more in depth with "the whys and the whens".

Or thats how I have understand it atleast. But if you send him an email and ask him yourself im sure you get an answer, his customer service seems excelent. And if you wait a few days Urban i the strength forum here on Sherdog has promised to post a review...
Ross' stuff is seriously a Bible for combat sports conditioning. The guy is an absolute machine. Buy his stuff and I guarantee it will be worth every penny. His stuff is not only extremely effective, but he gives you SO MUCH stuff for your money, it's insane. You will keep your body guessing with every workout. And he gives you a lot of cool stuff to keep the workouts interesting; I recently had a blast working out at a local playground. I was sore for 3 days afterwards and can't wait to go back.
One armed chins :eek: I think I'll stick to the good old chins, they'll do :)
God damn, 38 dollars to order. Expensive book, even if it is worth it
Mine came today. i just opened the package.

Just to hype Ross again, his products are top notch and always worth every penny. His training ideas and methods are quite cutting edge in combat sports and his application of advanced concepts to sport specific exercise is quite good. In addition his customer service couldn't be better and any time you have a question on the content of his books he is very prompt about replying and answering it in detail. Every time I've delt with Ross he's been nothing but professional.
He's primarily a boxer isn't he? Has he gone pro matches or is he just a good coach?