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New Renzo Gis

holly crap those are sexy as hell

im going to get one and im not even renzo gracie student
where would you be able to buy that outside of the renzo gracie acamedy-- do they have an online store
they look pretty sharp
those are really nice. It would be cool to have them in red instead of blue too.

To make it easier:




Any idea what the chinese characters say on the pants?
Also, btw, are these made by gameness? Kind of looks like a gameness gi.

Damn that is a nice looking gi...

I must admit at 1st i was a bit unsure...as i have been shying away from the "Nascar" gis as of late...

But with this gi (if you actually train at the RGA...haha) only has patches and such for the academy, as opposed to 102 patches for a company's gi that YOU had to pay for...

Also all of the patches/embrodery appears tasteful...

Overall i would have to say a kick ass looking gi...
I wonder what the price is going to be?