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New Program Feedback wanted


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Oct 26, 2007
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Just hoping to get some feedback on the new program I'm going to start next week. A few things to note pyramid refers to me pyramiding up to heavy doubles and singles. Quantity refers to high reps with little to no added weight.

Week 1:
Squat: 5x5
F. Squat: Pyramid

Dips: Quantity
Bench: 5x5
Military: Pyramid

Deadlift: Pyramid
Pullups: Quantity
BOR: 5x5

Week 2:
Squat: Pyramid
F. Squat: 5x5
BOR: 5x5

Dips: 5x5
Bench: Pyramid
Military: 5x5

Deadlift: 5x5
Pullups: 5x5
Chinups: Quantity

After week 2 I would switch back to week 1. I know its not a strict pull, push squat program but I adjusted it a bit to fit me and I didnt feel like trying to learn new compound lifts just yet. Hence why there are no good mornings, cleans, snatches, etc...
I think it looks pretty solid... but I really do think that this program could be easily run in a pull/push/squat variation and would be just as effective...
Seems fine. One thing I might do is save the quantity lifts for after the heavy lifts to get the most out of your 5x5s and pyramids (ie light dips after bench and ohp instead of first).

I basically do a pull, push, squat routine, but I just do whatever I feel like doing each day. There is really no set periodization to my rep schemes and exercises. Depending on my mood and how my body feels, I'll go heavy or do volume or deloading work. So instead of a wave, it would really look more like a drunk guy staggering back home in the dark.