New news for fans of the Motor City Cobra


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Oct 16, 2009
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Nothing video-wise on youtube or the net yet that I can find, but for Hitman fans he was featured last night of episode 97 of the A&E show "Parking Wars". Set your dvrs for a repeat, good to see him and he looked very fit.,d.eWU

Lashelle tries to uphold her Detroit parking commandments but ends up ticketing boxing hall of famer Tommy Hearns!

I'm at work now, but if it doesn't show up online I saved the show at home and can post a crude video and tape my tv.
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just glad it wasn't bad news, sorta weary of losing fighters and boxing people.
everyone preferred hitman,motor city cobra was just to make it more non-boxing fan friendly. If you're old enough you will remember him getting rid of motor city cobra after the duran kayo, "the hitman is back".