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New Mossberg 500 Persuader


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Apr 25, 2006
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Just bought a 12 gauge Mossberg Persuader. 8+1 capacity, 20" barrel. Was $330 at Dicks Sporting Goods, plus I had a $20 gift card.

Wanted to get one before the potential ban, as it sounds like shotguns over 5 capacity will be considered assault rifles.

I would like to replace the synthetic stock with a wood bantam stock (for a shorter LOP) and older wood "corn cob" style foreend. Anyone know where I can buy a 500 Bantam style stock? Also am going to put a mesa tactical side saddle, heat shield, and sling, and call it a day.
They make them for the 20 gauge 500 but I'm not sure if they'll fit the 12 gauge or not. Check Brownell's or Midway USA. You might have to go with something like the Hogue 12" LOP if you want something shorter.
The houge is nice, but I like wood furniture. I want it to look like this:
Or like this, I like the oil finish on the wood rather than the standard gloss.
Nice looking shotguns. My Persuader looks like this one.

I've got a 590 and that oiled wood stock looks amazing. May have to look into getting one.
That's a winner! Who makes that oil finished stock?

I believe it's just a 500 Bantam (youth) stock that he sanded off the gloss finish and ten gave it an oil finish. I'm not sure where he bought the corn cob fore end.

I just like the look of wood furniture in general.
Looks just like my 500 Security.