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Apr 27, 2004
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To all you Konjo fans who have been waiting a long time for this......

and for all of you who have never even heard of the company before.....

I submit for your approval......

The new KONJO MMA training & competition gloves.....


okay maybe they are good, but that fkin background music drove me away from your site... :(

lol @ Fozzy. I see another potential recipient for the Sherdog Award for Diplomacy coming up!
Fozzy, you're the first person who said they didn't like the music. Sorry about that.
What are the actual lyrics for that thing? "Eat the dirt and bite the nail...", "tear the map and shoot the sign." what that's about?
I have ordered them and received them w/i 5 days. They feel great (haven't gotten a chance to train with them yet) and the service was excellent as always. Damien, what are the odds of hooking me up with a shirt to wear to the ring next time I fight? I use a ton of your shit, boxing gloves, mma gloves and rashguard. I fully support the KONJO!

The Butterscotch Assassin.
I don't really have much to go on since I have not trained with them yet. They feel very good on my hands and i like them much better than the Fairtex ones I had. My problem with the Fairtex was that the fingers were all seperate and didn't feel as comfy as having them attached like their Ultimate gloves. These are much less expensive and you don't have to wait for years to get them. Plus Damien is a cool guy who will shoot the shit with you when you order. 186689KONJO.
Hey Bobby, for sure you can get a shirt for your next fight. Send me an email or give me a call. Thanks.
And yes...the music is coming down. I thought it would be cool, but a lot of people found it annoying.