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New Jersey Muay Thai


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Oct 10, 2005
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anyone know a place in north jersey that strictly teaches muay thai, i've been looking for the last hour and haven't come up with anything
Where in North Jersey? I live and train in Brick NJ
anyone ever go to The Edge in elmwood park, i heard it's pretty good

i would just go there but unfortunately it's only 3 days a week and i can't call til tomorrow when they're in
Step 1: Move away from Jersey.

Step 2: Enjoy life.
the techno music is annoying. and they seem to be products of ultimate gym. i visited ultimate gym before and nestor is kinda a dick or maybe thats the vibe he gives me
1. Don't worry about the music, Come if you're serious about training
2. Who cares where the trainers are from, they're the best trainers that you're going to find
3. Everyone is welcome to come. Show up 15 minutes early before your first class

www.northjerseymuaythai.com - Authentic Thai Boxing
I was wondering if anyone had been to or heard anything about Princeton Martial Arts it's the closest to my location but after checking out Advanced Martial Arts in North Brunswick that may be the place I wanna look into for starting up in BJJ
I give private lessons in Muay Thai in NJ. Contact me for details.