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New GSP/Diaz Promo


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Apr 22, 2009
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I just uploaded this a minute ago. Be the first few to see it.
Diaz is not on the same level as Pierre. Neither was Condit. Diaz vs Pierre talk is tired. Please talk about an opponent who has a chance. Atm no one at 170 does. Hendricks? A new guy with a few good wins and puncher chance KO's? Hendricks is not on the same level as GSP. GSP's abilities go much more in depth than Hendrick's abilities. GSP is the total package. He can fight you anywhere and dominate you. GSP does not have to rely on a punchers chance either. He can and will take you down, as he has proven he can and will any 170'er. Henricks is no acception and nothing to be impressed with or impossible to takedown. GSP will win at every aspect anyhow.
needs more diaz not at press conference.....
Did anyone see, in that Mayhem Miller brawl, if Jake Shields tried to pull guard?
just Diaz promo because he not going to show up for any promotion.
Pretty cool. More like a Diaz HL than a promo though. Music choice is a little uninspired imo, but overall good job
this guy stole nicktheface's video he just changed the music!
Showtime seriously had some of the best/most beautiful camera angles that are often used in these promos.
I hope Georges beats Diaz, Hendricks and then says fuck it and throws down with Rory
goosebumps on my goosebumps. can't wait for this fight. WAR NICK.
lol. it is a Diaz highlight and hype video. Nothing wrong with that but lets call it what it is.

Fun video. thx ts.