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New FREE BJJ techniques article by Ed Beneville

Awesome! Thanks, Ed.

Btw, I bought "The Strategic Guard" about a month ago and I love it. As good, if not better, than your last 2 books.
Thank you Ed! Strategic Guard is a great book btw, your best yet.
Agreed Stategic Guard is one of the best BJJ books there is.
Got a question. In the pass on page 3 of:


What prevents the bottom guy from going out the backdoor or sweeping the top guy? When would you use that pass versus others? I'm a short guy, I always feel over-stretched and off-balance when I try that pass.
Ed, it's great you're in Sherdog!

I have a question, when will you're second edition of "Passing the Guard" come out (if it hasn't already)?
Thanks all for you support. I tried very hard to make Strategic Guard the best one yet.

If I understand you questions correctly, what keeps the bottom player from going out the backdoor is that the guard passer has the bottom player's arm trapped in something of a hammerlock.
As for possibly sweeping the top player, that is what he does in one of the techniques (so maybe I don't understand the question).
As for using that pass (and of course the article is focused on defending it) the time to try it is if and when you can get a grip on their wrist and shove it under their back. If they keep their legs locked you will have space to shove their arm under if you lift your hips, because theirs will follow. From there, getting your free arm elbow to the trapped arm side of their head is key. You must keep your hips low as you circle. I would say the pass favors heavier taller opponents. I hope that makes sense.

Passing the Guard v.2 is coming along. Life's vicissitudes have been slowing things down. Hopefully it will be available later this year.
Ed, your hammerlock pass defense was great. However, I was referring to a guard pass on a different article. :) The one I referred too is the link that I provided. It shows the guy switching his hips to pass. I know that pass works - I've seen it done by good grapplers on youtube on occasion. However, I always have trouble with it.

Sorry for talking about a different technique than the one in your first post. I practiced your hammerlock pass defense today, and it worked great. Thumbs up!!!
Ah yes, the link, now I understand.
I'll preface this by saying, that is not one I use much. In any event, the under-the-neck-and-over-the-shoulder grip is key. Not only that, but your shoulder needs to smash their head to the side (what Aesopian calls "the shoulder of justice"). Those elements stick their upper body pretty good. The bottom player is then unable to sweep opposite the way they are facing. That allows you to switch your base in a way that would normally get you in trouble; it makes it possible to "cheat."
You must be careful with your base.
If your opponent is taller or has a flexible back, it will likely be harder to make this one work. Be careful with your base and make sure you keep their upper body locked, and their shoulders to the mat.
Thanks Ed. I'll keep playing with it. Blanko, it probably is. Though I never heard of the "Godoi pass," that makes sense. I have heard of Wilson Reis (who fought under Godoi's banner before) doing it sometimes.
i know was shown this pass by my friend who is a black belt with the godoi team and according to him there is no real counter to that pass other than the omo plata... and even then you need to be very flexible to pull it off in this situation.
btw ed,
It's amazing that you wrote one of the most important if not THE most important bjj books while you were still a purple/brown. It's an amazing book and i hope you keep up the good work!

Thanks for the props.

If I were on the bottom against that pass I think my first order of business would be breaking free of the grip behind my head. Maybe you could push away the hand on the shoulder. At some point it is too late of course. Don't wait for that point. Kind of a simplistic solution perhaps, but true.

Once you switch you hips, you should be trying to get your bottom leg clear first. If you do you should not end if half guard. You could end up in half guard if the bottom player hooks your bottom leg before you clear it. If so, you need to proceed with caution, keeping your grip and keeping their shoulders to the mat.

In my book, half guard top is better than half guard bottom as long as you can control the head and keep them off of their sides.
I think I might try the hip switching escape to counter that pass, combined with a half guard type useage of the underhook going the other way. Really, it's like a kesa gatame escape situation except that you are early. So I would work kesa type counters. I find a lot of guard pass counters are essentially just early escapes from the pin they are heading into.

A little off topic, but I own "Passing the Guard" vol. 1, is there enough new information to justify buying vol. 2?

BTW, you're books are great. If you guys did an escapes book, or a no-gi book I imagine alot of people would be interested, I know I would.

A little off topic, but I own "Passing the Guard" vol. 1, is there enough new information to justify buying vol. 2?

BTW, you're books are great. If you guys did an escapes book, or a no-gi book I imagine alot of people would be interested, I know I would.

"Strategic guard" is basically an escapes book. It's awesome! It would be nice to include material on mount escapes and back escapes tho.