new fitness regimen: critiques welcome


Apr 10, 2008
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the following is a diet i am starting tomorrow morning. let me know what suggestions you have an where i can improve or what i should do differently. the goal of this diet/ excercise regime is to drop from 164 lbs(12% body fat) to 155 lbs and basically just improve general health (which is pretty good in the first place)

7 day a week diet:

0530: breakfast
1 multi vitamin
2 fish oil pills
1 calcium, zinc, iron pill
1 vitamin E pill

1 bowl grape nuts w/ milk
1 glass cranberry juice

1 banana, 1 can tuna or chicken breast

1030: apple

1230: turkey and cheese sandwich on 12 grain bread

1430: 1 cup non fat yogurt and a handful of almonds.

1800: hamburger with monterey jack cheese

totals look like this:

calories: 1475
fat: 58 grams
carbs: 160 grams
protein: 97 grams

now my current work out regimen:

0630: half hour of cardio training
0700: half hour full body muscular endurance training
0800: half hour muscle group strength training (mon: back wed: chest fri: legs

2000: 45 min grappling training
2045: 45 min muai thai training

tuesday/ thursday:

1700 half hour swim
1730 half hour abdominal training

saturday: 45 minute grappling/ muai thai training

sunday: rest

well... what do you think? all comments/ suggestions appreciated. will update as i progress.
I'd advise really hitting the FAQ in the S + P forum. Lifting by muscle group will not do much for your performance. Focus on movements and compound lifts. Why would you need an entire day for chest? I'm assuming you are probably going by a bodybuilder routine with isolation exercises. The FAQ will guide you away from that.
I also don't see why you would do 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes muscle endurance, THEN 30 minutes strength. How do you plan on having any sort of performance on strength training after that?
As far as diet, you need to hit the FAQ in D + S. You do realize you aren't eating any vegetables at all? 1475 calories is not much at all either. I realize you are dropping weight, but you should be able to take in more calories if those workouts have any sort of intensity.
You also aren't very specific on your training. I don't know what your cardio consists of, but I suggest you also hit the Conditioning FAQ.
Out of curiousity, why are you dropping to 155 lbs? How tall are you?
i am an ex competitive powerlifter, i have competed at the national level twice but have spent the last year training muai thai and mixed martial arts and i would like to try my hand in competition. thats why i am dropping down to 155 and i am 5'9.

i don't really want to gain any strength, just maintain what i have. fer example the chest day will include arms shoulder and neck excercises.

back will be a shorter workout consisting of upper/lower back excercises, deadlifts, and abdominal work.

i didn't go into detail very well because i want to vary my routine as i go. i will post this mornings workout on the next post.