New Episode of "Unleashed" Panel Discussion is up (Best of 2019, and how about Rizin New Years?)

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    This week, we had Sherdog OG Mike Sloan with us on the broadcast finally, and we dug into a whole lot from 2019 all the way through. To change things up a little, I took over the captain seat at the end, so that was a rush. We entered DK mode towards the end there too.

    0:00 Welcome
    2:40 Was Rizin 20 a late contender for "Event of the Year?"
    7:48 Was PFL's second season more or less successful than the first?
    22:02 Tenshin Nasukawa is a frightening dude
    24:01 Third time's the charm for Seo Hee Ham, now the best atomweight on the planet
    26:13 PFL soldiers on in the face of public ignorance
    28:05 Lance Palmer does Lance Palmer things to Alex Gilpin for the third time... this year
    28:53 The Japanese veteran first changed, then completely disavowed his story on One Championship's troubles. Where does the truth lie?
    31:27 ANT RANT: A smooth and mellow slow jam of a rant in which Mr. Walker implies the existence of "black famous" and invokes the specter of Keith Sweat
    ----- SWING OR MISS -----
    36:59 Is Masvidal-Askren absolutely the "Knockout of the Year?"
    39:41 Who is your "Breakthrough Fighter of the Year," and what does that term even mean to you?
    46:42 How about "Comeback Fighter of the Year?" Does it need to be a former champ?
    47:09 JAY RANT: Nicolas Dalby should have been CFOTY
    52:06 Who is your "Fighter of the Year?" Can a person be the BFOTY or CFOTY in the same year they're the straight-up "Fighter of the Year?"
    ----- SPEED BAG!!! -----
    59:05 Jay Pettry is your captain now
    59:39 Edson Barboza plans to drop to FW. Good move?
    1:01:02 Should PFL allow repeat champs, or cap the number of times one fighter can win?
    1:02:38 Rory MacDonald just signed with PFL. Future champ, or future disappointment?
    ----- BURIED TREASURE -----
    1:04:53 How is the mainstream sports media sleeping on Kayla Harrison?
    1:06:52 Adesanya says his first title defense will be against Yoel Romero
    1:11:22 USADA institutes an oral fluid testing program; Ben tries (and fails) to talk about it without steering straight into the gutter
    1:14:38 The same week that Seo Hee Ham notched the best win of her career, she also alleged that her management has been embezzling her winnings

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    Rizin on New Years really gives me that pride feel. There was something special about the entire presentation.
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    "How is the mainstream sports media sleeping on Kayla Harrison?"

    Yeah... how is the media sleeping on a B level athlete winning decisions over D level athletes. Nobody knows.

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