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New episode of "Unleashed" Panel Discussion is up (246 aftermath, title shots and weird Polish MMA)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jei, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. JayPettryMMA Danger Zone Aficionado Staff Member Sherdog.com Staff

    Mar 13, 2011
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    With Ant out this week, Ben and I ran the show along with our special guest Kristen King of My MMA News, who should have kept us from getting too crazy. Alas, sporting a Playboy t-shirt and reminiscing about losing parts of her junior high school experience thanks to magic markers, things got real fun real fast. I couldn't help myself from telling a few stories, and we added some new visual aids, so strap in for a very special episode of Unleashed.

    0:00 Welcome
    ----- UFC 246 -----
    1:50 Was this the biggest card with the fewest post-fight implications ever?
    5:17 What's next for McGregor after this sensational return?
    ----- SWING OR MISS -----
    12:02 Was Roxanne Modafferi's dominant win over Maycee Barber one of the greatest upsets in UFC history?
    21:56 LFA's direct-to-cable horror film [visual aid at 24:05]
    25:43 Barber learns to lose
    31:11 Sean Cerveny, leg man of mystery
    ----- ASSORTED GOODIES -----
    35:39 Yoel Romero and Jose Aldo both appear poised to get title shots in spite of being on two-fight losing streaks. The question is simple: do rankings even matter?
    53:58 CBS-Viacom, parent company of Bellator MMA, has placed Steven Espinoza in charge of Scott Coker. Will it mark any changes for Bellator?
    ----- SPEED BAG -----
    1:02:59 At 38 years old and climbing, will Holly Holm ever earn another title shot?
    1:04:10 Rizin light heavyweight standout Jiri Prochazka is coming to the UFC. How far will he go?
    1:05:13 Fabricio Werdum's USADA suspension has been reduced, and he will be back in April. Whom should he face?
    ----- UFC RALEIGH -----
    1:08:45 The UFC is headed to North Carolina this weekend, headlined by Blaydes vs. dos Santos. Which fights stand out to you, and is the main event winner next up for a shot at the heavyweight crown?
    ----- BURIED TREASURE -----
    1:17:40 Wotore, a new promotion from Poland, is kinda wild... even for Polish MMA [visual aids at 1:18:09]
    1:22:05 Justin Gaethje shouldn't become a forgotten man in the UFC lightweight title picture
    1:24:45 Ben drags one of those who give us all a bad name

  2. PurpleStorm :) Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Dec 20, 2016
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    Planet Funk
    Thoughtful & entertaining conversation. Love it.
  3. Hotora86 taking points for fouls regardless of intent

    Mar 26, 2009
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    in a 10-10 round
    Wotore FTW! :D
    Wotore to take over the UFC in 2050. :D


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