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NEW Episode of Submission Radio with Pat Miletich & Bill Goldberg + UFC FN Boston

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by PolskiGhost, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Submission Radio 19/1/15 Pat Miletich & Bill Goldberg + UFC Fight Night Boston


    This week's topics include the fallout from and breakdown of UFC Fight Night 59 aka UFC Fight Night Boston: Conor McGregor vs. Dennis Siver, as well as interviews with UFC Legend and Hall of Famer Pat Miletich, and Pro Wrestling icon and MMA enthusiast Bill Goldberg

    Pat Miletich starts at 3:54
    Bill Goldberg starts at 41:56
    UFC Fight Night 59 Breakdown starts at 1:40:00

    Pat Miletich joins Submission Radio for an in-depth chat about his MMA career, how he first got into MMA, his training philosophies, his legendary gym "The Miletich Fighting System", the insane sparring sessions between the likes of Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, Tim Sylvia, Jens Pulver, Jeremy Horn and others, what set his gym apart from others and why he had all the champions, winning the first ever UFC welterweight tournament, what it felt like becoming the UFC Welterweight champion, if he believes that old school UFC was tougher due to the tournament format, his take on the UFC lawsuit and if he'll be involved, fighter's unions, what a you Robbie Lawler was like back in the day, why Robbie Lawler has been able to have such a big comeback, if he honestly thought Robbie would win the UFC title given the year he had in 2011, training partners fighting each other, Tim Sylvia's retirement, why he never coached TUF 3 against Carlos Newton, his time in Strikeforce, and more.

    Bill Goldberg makes a big appearance on Submission Radio to talk about many topics, including his NFL career, his pro wrestling career, and his love for and involvement in Mixed Martial Arts. The man known for his power and spear talks about how he first got into the wrestling business after being in the NFL, originally wanting to get into MMA, almost going to the WWF back in the day, his time in WCW and how the Goldberg character was created, his long winning streak, wrestling Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the WCW world Heavyweight title belt, his disastrous heel turn, his WWE run and how the company wanted him to stop using the Spear, the infamous match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20, his relationship with Lesnar and if he think he can have another successful run and return to the UFC, Jon Jones' cocaine test, his thoughts on Jon Jones as a person and as a fighter, his own Muay Thai gym and him training three times per week, his love for the stand up game, his favourite match of his wrestling career, and heaps more.

    Also on the show is a breakdown of UFC Fight Night 59, including fights such as Lorenz Larkin vs John Howard, Cathal Pendred vs Sean Spencer, Uriah Hall vs Ron Stallings, Donald Cerrone vs Benson Henderson, and of course Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver

    Submission Radio is Now Available on Stitcher Radio, iTunes and Tune In radio!

    Soundcloud link will be up soon here: https://soundcloud.com/submissionradioau

    Transcript highlights coming tomorrow;)

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