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Mar 13, 2003
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I was thinking fo starting a online store.. Selling primetime fighting gloves, ouano, fairtex etc..

I would sell and ship them in canada so no duty and international shippin fees? Is that something people would be interested in?
Accepting Paypal which accepts all major C.C.'s
For shipping i would use Xpresspost which is 2-3 day service at $15 cdn.
Let me know.
I think that's a great idea. I get a ton of orders from Canada so I know there is a market for you. I wish you the best.
you're the man,

if you start stocking other gear as well as gloves ill be your number one customer (haha and you'll only have to ship to east van)
well like it says on there. If you live in vancouver area i can meet up with you. No charge.

I talked to combat sports a few times. On a $250 usd order they wanted $171 usd shipping and duty fees.
By the time i got the stuff up here noone could afford it.
mmmmm no duty or international shipping.
That is right!... That is why i started this.. I got screwed by a few companies.. the price looked all good. Then the items get up here and the border wants almost as much as i payed for the stuff in DUTIES!!!! bastards

No surprises with me.. What you pay is what you pay. No delays with customs, none of that crap.
If you would like me to add your gym to my training page. Please email me.
closing this. I won't delete it, cause you deserve the warning.

The policy is against free advertising. i.e. You have a thread here saying you're thinking of starting a fight store website, then later you're like "oh heres my website". That's free advertising, thats a no-no.

I'l let you off. This is your final warning and goes for everyone else.


ps: I like the idea of your store, it's good because many canadian posters have had major issues with the who customs fees and stuff. Props.
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