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New Brandon Vera Training Video

I didn't past the BBQ set :icon_cry2
The use of a snorkel during training, is it pretty much the same idea as wearing a gas mask while doing sprints?
Goth: Si, restricts how much air you can take in.

Certainly looks less juryrigged than the snorkel.
Burpees with no pushup? Booooo!!!! However, I don't do burpees with a snorkel on either...

What's up with the dude in the background bouncing the ball at the 2:27 mark? He looks "special".
I think with the burpees he's going for more of a sprawl in the drop. I do it that way too, sometimes. Easier, but more sport-specific (obviously).
He's setting up his kicks really weird. I'm sure if I was doing his training i wouldn't be able to lift my leg, but it just looks funny.