never going w/o a cup again...


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Apr 2, 2008
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I am really new and i have never thought of wearing a cup... but today we were training from the rear mount and shit. I was trying to escape but he kept on destroying my balls with his heels. I almost quit because of that, but I decided to stay and choke his ass out. I almost cried :icon_cry2
i know what you mean. except for me somebody was passing my guard and kneed me in the sack while he was trying to pull his leg through. i have used a cup everytime since.
Mouth piece and cup. Every time. It only takes one time.... WarDawg
Yep, working on guard passes and got caught good. Cup everytime from then on. And when it happened, guess where my cup was? In my damn gym bag about 10 feet away.
Im going to get a cup this weekend. Any recommendations on a good cup and mouth guard?
ShockDoctor Compression shorts and flex-cup. For the mouthpiece, any basic boil-and-bite single should be sufficient.
I got caught in the choade with a knee, that sucked balls. I'm gonna start wearing my cup now.
I was on sidemount and he was trying to escape and ended up elbowing me straight in the balls. Didnt feel a thing
even with the damn cup on sometimes it gets dragged all the way to the side (ie when a behemoth is driving a knee through my guard) and starts grinding on my balls
sont laugh but i'd never hurt my balls... its always the penis :(
That one girl went straight for my balls.... I was glad I didn't wear a cup.