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Neoman traininglog cutting.

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by neoman, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. neoman Guest


    Bodyweight 225/102 kg
    height 183 cm /6.0
    age 20
    trains cardio 7 times a week when cutting and weights 3-4 times a week.
    have trained some karate-taekwando when i was a kid+ some krav maga and grappling recently, but havent done any of them for more than half a year, and i am not doing any martial arts at the moment :( but gonna start with mma as soon as i can find someone to train with in my town ;) ( not a lot of places to train martial arts here )

    Best lifts raw

    Deadlift 484 pounds
    Squat 374 pounds
    Bench press 300 pounds ( paused )
    Millitary press 220

    my goal for now is to cut down to 198 pounds, improving my mobility,stamina and health as much as possible.
    my goal in the long run is to compete in some sort of MMA and get really strong.

    Yesterday weight training session

    Behind neck pushpress 2x8 45 5x90 4x130 2x4 180 pounds
    Squat 5x45 5x90 5x130 5x 180 5x3 220 pounds. had to take it easy due to dizziness
    Bent forward barbell rows 5x45 5x130 3x5 180 pounds
    Paused benchpress 5x45 5x90 5x130 5x180 3x5 200 pounds
    Barbell curl 5x20 5x45 5x90 2x5 110 pounds

    Cardio of today 45 min 15 min walking ( warmup ) 30 min easy running ( hard for me ) a total of 6.5 km.

    Sorry my bad english :)
  2. neoman Guest

    today training session 1
    30 min walking

    Training session 2 weights

    Squat 5x45 5x90 5x130 5x180 3x220 2x5 265 pounds

    Chins 3x5 bw Hands towards me. It was hard never been good in chins, hoping to improve it while cutting!

    Lying barbell french curl 5x65 5x90 3x5 110 pounds

    Deadlift 2x3 130 3x180 2x220 2x260 1x300 2x1 340 1x380 pounds

    hanging leg raises 3x10 suggestions to good exercises for getting a stronger core would make me happy ;)

    Decent session, squat form was bad, chins was ok, french curl was ok, deadlift was not good at all:p
  3. neoman Guest

    morning cardio
    45 min fast walking

    Weights afternoon

    5x45 5x90 5x130 3x180 3x3 220 pounds

    3x45 3x90 3x130 3x3 180 pounds

    Dips wide grip 3x5 bodyweight 3x5 bodyweight +40 pounds

    Bent over barbell row 5x45 5x90 5x130 3x5 180

    Bicepscurl 5x20 5x45 5x90 5x110 5x90

    barbell rollouts 3x6 first time i try

    pretty good session. everything was easier than expected.
  4. neoman Guest

    Yesterday 45 min fast walk

    today 45 min fast walk

    Today weight session

    Deadlift 5x130 5x220 3x260 3x350 3x400 was ok. but could have been easier.

    Paused bench press 5x45 5x90 5x130 5x180 3x4 220

    Chins 3x5 bodyweight. easier last time-.- was sore in my lats-biceps-back today.

    Behind neck pushpress 5x45 5x90 3x130 2x3 180 3x200 1x220 was ok. not max. but my front pushpress is still alot better.

    Lying french curl 5x45 5x90 3x5 110

    Hanging leg raises 3x10 super strict and abit heavy:p
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