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needs for mma gym at home



Hi guys. I've wanted to start training in my basement. I have open space. I was wondering what i should get to supplement a hard workout (as in equipment). Pictures of what it should look like would be greatly appreciated. We will be doing bjj, grappling, boxing, and wrestling. Thanks for your help.
mats, bags, gloves & pads, and maybe some cardio equipment
I just posted pics of my home set up and also wrote about how to build a custom seamless mat area (as long as you don't require moving the mats).

Thread title is pretty similiar to this one.
Also what's your budget and how much space have you got?
as little $ as possible would be most ideal and i have about half of a basement about 2.5 average sized rooms.
A barbell for deadlifts and olympic lifts.

Will make u stronger and more resistent to injuries.