Needed: Rubber Guard advice


May 11, 2007
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I'm changing my game a lot. Had a recent fight go bad, and I am going to begin working the hell out of the Rubber Guard. I feel a lot more comortable in that than traditional guard.

Anyone got any advice on how to make this transition?
pick up the books, the dvd, and apply it to your rolling.

you gotta understand though it's an entire system of techniques, there's no actual move called the rubber guard. typically what you see is mission control..

im not expert in the matter i'm trying to learn just like you dude. so that's as far as i can help.. watch eddies stuff on you tube, his seminar videos on his concepts because they apply directly to his technique. just stick with it bro.
Buy mastering the rubberguard. Its like, the master text. Jiujitsu Unleashed was really good too.

You need to be flexible. Do not think that you can pull off many of the moves without being flexible enough. You'll think your able to do the moves and you will, but sooner or later someone will stack you and you'll hear some pops and cracks.

Other the that, I got the most out of his none guard stuff. Rubberguard is a game plan for grappling as much as it is a guard. Half guard is his biggest emphasis, at least I think.
at the very least looking into it will make you more aware of what someone who plays that kind of game against you.

for example i dont really have the flexibility to really work that type of guard and im far more effective with different types, however i use some bravo half guard stuff, and my awareness of it at least means i rarely get caught with that type of game.