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Need work with your Burpee form ? Here's how to Improve it !

lol. brilliant.

Anyone else tend to get a strain at the front of the shoulder from dropping fast into the pushup? I keep my elbows in to incorporate more tricep but I still always get it whenever I do my 100's.
That's cool. If only it were that easy, lol
If only we could get some swings and snatches in there I could knock out the Magic 60 in a minute and a half.
Thats awesome. I need to keep working on these. My jumps get pathetic after the 6-7th rep.
Technically a burpee does not include a push-up though. The 8-bit video game lies!
Yes there are dozens of definitions of Burpees, but the burpee which has just about become the 'standard' for combat athletes includes the pushup and a jump
Not true at all. You're thinking of a squat thrust.

That's my point. I consider a burpee to include the push-up and the jump. But not everyone does, as you proved by saying it doesn't include the push-up. And just yesterday I followed a link from one thread on here (Don't ask which one, I don't remember, but I think it was an article on T-Nation) that described the burpee as being the same as a squat thrust, but with a hindu push-up and a regular push-up, but no jump.

I'm not saying who's right or wrong, I'm just saying that it depends on who you ask. The standard around here though, as Biggiebrother pointed out, seems to be with push-up and jump.
Whoever made that is a fucking nerd. That game is not fun to play and it probably wasnt fun to make.

*sips haterade*