Need to lose 2lbs in 3 days for tournament


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May 20, 2007
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Hi guys just a couple of questions on the weight cutting part of things.

So i've read a couple of pointers about increasing water intake 3 days out from comp. If this tricks the body into uriniating will it leave me feeling dehydrated come saturday?

Unfortunately i have to weigh in on the mat so will have a max of about 15 mins before i have to compete so dont want to be dehydrated.

What about trying the dandelion root and mild laxative? Again, will this leave me too short on time if i have to weigh in on the mat?

I'm still sticking to a PN diet, carbs only during and after exercise. eating 5 times per day, loads of fruit/vegetables, healthy fats etc. Should i be restricting calories more for the last few days as i'm concerned about feeling low on energy for the competition.

I'm training today and tomorrow. today i did a 5-6 mile bike ride at a moderate intensity and broke this up with some sprint intervals. I'll do something similar tomorrow and then the high intensity training will stop. I'll probably do some technique on thursday and then rest all day friday.

One last thing. regarding breakfast in the morning, should i skip it in favour of some carbohydrate gels to keep energy levels up as i dont want to eat 1lb of food before the weigh-in!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you only need to drop 2lbs. then I would wear a sauna suit that morning. I think just wearing it for a few hours should shed the two pounds and not dehydrate you too bad. I wouldn't eat anything "heavy" till you weigh in either.
Um, have you never weighed yourself in the morning? If you don't lose two pounds in your sleep, you drink way too little water.
I don't have scales on hand! It's all been a bit last minute as i only signed up to the competition yesterday.
You don't have to do anything, just don't drink water until you weight in to the competition. Everyone respires and perspires water in their sleep. Your weight at the end of the day will almost always be higher than your weight at the beginning of the day, before you've rehydrated yourself.
Two pounds shouldn't be too hard. Wear some warm clothing and sweat it out a bit.
just bought some flaxseed for the added fibre. gonna take 1tbsp a day and see what goes down...

I was 72.4 this morning but every set of scales i use weighs different! Some had me as low as 69... I'm going by the highest. they were digital too so hopefully more accurate. I want to lose enough so that i can have a decent breakfast, even if it's a shake.
you should be safe if you dont eat anything in the day of weigh in but you can take diuretic foods if you wanna be safe
Do diuretics mainly lose water from subcutaneous tissue or from within muscle tissue too? Do they dehydrate you?

I'm on vitamin c at the moment, weight is 73.4 after aLOT of food today, was 72.7 before my last meal so should be good to go now.