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Mar 15, 2005
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I used to run a long time ago - ran a 10K once. My legs (minus an annoying shin splint) are fine. The problem is my cardio. Even at a slow pace, after 1/4 mile or so, I start panting. I can't run more than 1 mile without stopping due to breathing issues. What are the best excersizes to improve this?
Just keep doing what you are doing. Try adding a 1/4 mile each week.
Put some sprints in there as well. You'll almost always pant. Push yourself a bit. You'll be suprised how you'll be able to do what you didn't think you could do. Oh and.....if it persists then I would definately take a trip to the doctor. You may have exercised induced asthma....even if you didn't have it when you were younger, you could have developed it. Good luck
I notice that my cardio isn't very good, either. I haven't run much since my time in the Army. I get into it now and then, but most of my cardio work comes from sparring/kickboxing. Of course, I notice that I get winded a lot quicker than some of the younger guys. I'm 29, now, and some of the guys I roll with are late teens and early 20's. Obviously, they've got that advantage on me. I recently read up on the concept of Guerilla Cardio. I'm starting tomarrow. I hope it works.
I've run a few 10K's and I'm training for my first 13 mile half marathon, after that its the London marathon :) I've been speaking to some really keen runners and they have told me the first few miles is always hardest on the body. The reason for this is that your body is using up an emergency fuel source first of all, this lasts for about 5-15 minutes until another fuel source (Sorry I forget the actual names) kicks in. The secound fuel source is much easier on the body and its waste products so you can run at a steady pace for a good couple of hours, you will not get as tired and will be able to breath more easily, almost like running on automatic.

After the secound fuel source is used up your body starts to use a third which I've been told is not good for your body. I wish I could find some articles that back this up as I have been told this by some running teams and also a few web sites. Hopefully someone with a better understanding of the human body can help me out here?

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The best way to get better at running is

Head for and click on the 'training' tab. There are training schedules for distances from 5K to marathons. Pick the appropriate one and start racking up the mileage.

Oh yeah, before you start head for a running shoe store and get fitted for the right shoes for your gait. It will cost a bit more than picking up some bargin Nikes at the local sporting goods store but your knees/ankles/feet will thank you.
keep running still you NEED to stop and run at a slower pace if you need to until a said distance is done (or stop when you need to for like a minute and start running again at the same pace, and as time goes by remove the rest periods until your doing a said distance without any stops, then add distance/increase the pace)
I have heard that the you should never stop. If you're too winded to run, at least walk, and when you fell better start running again. When I started tunning after a long layoff I occassionally had to this in the beginning, and it worked fine.